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27 Places to shop: a 27 Dresses SheKnows DVD exclusive

Fox Home Entertainment and Spyglass Entertainment Group is proud to present the “27 Best Cities to Shop in Worldwide” exclusively here on SheKnows.

Katherine Heigl's bringing her 27 Dresses to DVDIn honor of the “27 Dresses” DVD release starring Katherine Heigl, SheKnows is proud to give you an in as to the finest retail therapy metropolises across the planet.

From prices, styles and selection, criss-cross the globe and catch a glimpse of the world’s best Meccas for the shopping inclined. Is New York on the list? What about Los Angeles? Maybe Chicago…certainly Paris!

With a showcase of the to-die-for stores carrying the latest and greatest of today’s fashion, this “27 Dresses” feature serves as a window into a world we all hope to travel.

Be sure to check out “27 Dresses” on DVD. There is a scene in that movie for every bridesmaid that has ever walked down an aisle. From the cowboy to the tropical, Katherine Heigl’s brides may have had terrible fashion sense, but let’s not belittle 27 evenings of fine dining and fantastic cocktails!

Katherine Heigl’s character, Jane, has to do her share of shopping in order to be ready for 27 weddings. Whether you have a wedding to attend or are simply traveling, knowing the 27 best places to shop will be a whole lot easier than Jane having to find “27 Dresses.”

Have fun!

Without further ado, the 27 best cities to shop in the world…

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