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Oxygen has new shows and old favorites

Oxygen invites you to ‘Live Out Loud!’

Are you in generation O?Oxygen has announced their new slate of programs along with a snappy new logo and slogan– Oxygen – Live Out Loud.  It’s all designed to attract what they call the “O Generation,” not a specific age group, so much as that group of women who live for the latest trends. 

Part of their new initiative is “Seamless Tuesdays” (don’t ask me why) which promises a new Oxygen original premiering every Tuesday night at 10:00 starting on June 17th. 

Here’s what you have to look forward to:

“Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood”

Actors, proud new parents and entrepreneurs, Tori Spelling (Beverly Hills 90210) and husband Dean McDermott are checking out of their bed & breakfast and moving back to Hollywood in the series’ third season. Having traded in their glam 90210 lifestyle last year for their country inn, Chateau La Rue, the McDermotts are now returning to Los Angeles, balancing their burgeoning family life and busy acting careers. The show will be extended to full hour episodes and is executive produced by World of Wonder.

“Oxygen’s 25iest: Power Couples”

A pop-culture filled hour of today’s hottest 25 power couples. Hosted by fellow power couple Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, the show will reveal new and surprising information on these dynamic duos and what earned them their title. Interviews from journalists, comedians and celebrities provide insight as to what makes them the sexiest, hottest, wealthiest and most stylish couples. We discover how they keep their romance strong in a culture that puts their every move under a microscope.

“The Bad Girls Club”

The hit series returns for a final punch on Tuesday, May 20 at 10 pm ET with a reunion special hosted by Star Jones. Known for her candid and unique interview style, Jones moderates the entire second season cast of “Bad Girls” as they hash out three months of brawls, back stabbing behavior, one night stands and in one case, an arrest. When these seven “Bad Girls” entered the mansion last August, they claimed they wanted to change and shed their destructive personalities. Star Jones uses her legal expertise to distinguish fact from fiction to see which girls lived up to their word and which girls just lived it up.

“The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency”

Janice returns for a fourth season this August. Filled with even bigger business challenges and model mayhem, season four has a new twist – the models will all live under one roof in glamorous Los Angeles.

“Coolio’s Rules”

It’s Dr. Dre meets Mr. Mom, as Grammy-winning hip-hop star Coolio (“Gangsta’s Paradise”) goes from rap daddy to big daddy, raising a bunch of kids on his own while juggling his music career, a new clothing line and his love life. Coolio’s Rules airs later this year.

Oxygen also has some new shows in development for the fall:

“Dance Your Ass Off”

Do these cha cha shoes make my ass look fat? In Dance Your Ass Off, flab-u-lous competitors will Dance their Assess Off to unleash their inner thin. Eight dance partners work all week to get ready to be judged on their dancing prowess. Each episode culminates with a weigh-in and the “dance-off.” From Executive Producers Lisa Ann Walter and Kate Rigg.


“Sex and the City” meets “The Pussycat Dolls” – and it’s all SUPERSIZED. Fresh from “America’s Got Talent,” these four single women living in New York City will juggle their personal lives and pursue their dreams of conquering the music industry and Sin City — all while having the fresh and inspiring attitude of being big and proud of it.


TMZ and Us Weekly write the captions…meltdown tells the story. Britney’s strapped to a gurney …Amy’s facing her addictions…Lindsay’s checking in and out of rehab. In each episode of Meltdown, Oxygen peels back the glossy cover and reveals the inside story behind the celebrity collapse. We’ll watch step-by-step as our main character’s life blossoms into glamour, money and fame and how it all implodes into failure, shocking behavior and more. Meltdown is the story behind the story.

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