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‘In the Motherhood:’ real moms, really funny

There have probably been numerous times where the experiences of motherhood has mirrored that of a sitcom. “In the Motherhood” is a web-only series that is rewarding those moms who weave their stories into comic goldmines.

In the Motherhood - send in your storiesReal moms telling real stories brought to life in a situational comedy manner by some of Hollywood’s favorite celebrity mothers sounds like a match made in heaven.

Leah Remini, Jenny McCarthy and Chelsea Handler star in this internet TV series that has three episodes thus far. “In the Motherhood” has given SheKnows a terrific episode, “In the Motherhood Grocery Disaster,” featuring super-mom McCarthy in a situation guaranteed to have occurred to millions.

The trio of stars film scenes taken directly from your life! The ever-hectic, always humorous world of Mommyhood is ripe for a comedy. But when the writer is a real mom, the hilarity can only hit close to home and never be truer.

Want your story painted into a timeless portrait of motherhood mayhem? Season two has pulled to a close, but season three is gearing up, so get writing!

Check out the official site, for details in the coming months to find out how to submit your own life story as comedy script and watch your children’s chaos turn into internet television gold.

And now…grab the popcorn, it’s SheKnows broadcast of “In the Motherhood: Grocery Disaster” starring Jenny McCarthy.

If you like what you see, let us know!

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