Jordin Sparks hurts her throat and cancels opening Alicia Keys dates

Apr 21, 2008 at 1:28 p.m. ET

"American Idol" season six winner Jordin Sparks injured her throat and had to withdraw from her supporting position on the Alicia Keys tour.

Jordin Sparks is having vocal problemsThe wildly successful Alicia Keys tour had an opening act in the most recent "American Idol" winner when the country is amidst its latest annual "American Idol" craze.

Jordin Sparks suffered an acute vocal hemorrhage and thus far has had to cancel three performances with Keys. The Earth Day gig was especially close to Sparks' heart and was a hard show to miss.

It is unclear exactly how many performances Sparks will miss, but she is expected to rejoin the Keys tour sometime in May.

Sparks was on the recent "Idol Gives Back" broadcast showcasing her hit single, "No Air," with Chris Brown. The song is currently at number three on Billboard's Hot 100 and is also propelling her album sales. Her first single, the unbelievably catchy "Tattoo" was a smash. Sparks broke the recent trend of "American Idol" winners not securing a hit single.

With the Alicia Keys tour and that singer's proliferation on the pop culture landscape, once Sparks recovers, her star power will surely continue to rise.