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Alicia Keys gets Fresh with ‘The Hills’

Alicia Keys is an inspiration to millions.

Alicia is currently putting her influence to good use with a series of Dove advertisements that have been impossible to miss during this year’s successful run of MTV’s “The Hills.”

SheKnows was given an inside look to the filming of the “Fresh Takes” micro series and the thought process behind making the most talked about commercials since Super Bowl ads were actually good.

As part of Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty, this is the company’s first look at women in their twenties. Dove sites a survey they conducted finding that 68% of women in that age group “admit that their inner critic keeps them from fully enjoying what they have worked hard to accomplish.”

Come along with Alicia to witness her new series

Finding inner beauty

Choosing Grammy-winner Alicia Keys was an easy casting decision and she leapt at the chance to encourage women to find inner beauty something to treasure right alongside their inner voice.

“Today’s 20-something women grew up with 24-hour Internet access and working moms who juggled it all. Now they are trying to outpace that world,” notes Ann Kearney-Cooke, Ph.D., licensed psychologist and distinguished scholar for the Partnership for Women’s Health at Columbia University.

“As a result, 20-something females are suffering from ‘inner critic syndrome,’ a thought process which heightens the amount of pressure they feel to measure up to, and surpass, the previous generation.”

Alicia Keys films a Fresh Takes scene

High esteem for all

Enter the Alicia Keys series with its partnership with Dove to extend its natural beauty campaign to the younger women on the road of life. The show was inspired by “chick-lit” author Jane Green. Utilizing humor and grace, audiences have been following these three women as they grapple with modern issues while working hard to be the perfect modern woman.

Check out the shorts all together on one site, as long as “The Hills” are alive on MTV, Mondays at 10 p.m.

Here’s a Fresh Takes trailer:

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