Ashlee Simpson pregnancy rumors heating up

It looks as if that Ashlee Simpson pregnancy story has got some serious legs.

Is she or isn't she?Serious newspaper publications such as like The Chicago Tribune and The New York Times have published stories today reporting that Ashlee Simpson and her fiancé, Pete Wentz, are indeed expecting.

Sources close to their camp even have a date for the wedding – May 2. There is no word from either Ashlee or her father-manager, Joe.

But yesterday, Pete, her future husband, had a few words for the press about the entire rumor.

Wentz called the speculation “a witch hunt” in comments Wednesday.

When Ashlee was asked about the pregnancy on TRL this week, she said “some things you want to keep personal.”

That same Simpson family source is saying that the wedding will be in the suburbs of San Diego at a dear friend’s house.

As your trusty Entertainment Editor who lives in San Diego, count on the eyes of SheKnows to be on the prowl for the pop music wedding of the year in La Jolla that May Saturday.