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Dancing With the Stars: the week in review

Latin week was luke warm to our ‘Dancing Stars.’

Shannon does the Latin twistIt was hot and steamy last night, but then people entered the ballroom and watched a bunch of safe performances from the stars. It was Latin night on “Dancing with the Stars” and I was underwhelmed.

But first, let’s talk food poisoning. Not a great subject, I know, but last year Jane Seymour was taken away from the show with food poisoning and last night Derek Hough spent a day in the emergency room as well. And I’m thinking there’s been at least one more case over the past few years. In all fairness to the show’s caterer’s Hough is blaming it on a protein drink he whipped up himself but rumor is that it’s a bit more serious. Possibly a stomach ulcer! On a guy so young! It’s a dang shame.

Let’s talk dance.

Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark Ballas took top honors yet again with a slow and sexy rumba. Kristi really opened herself up emotionally and it was beautiful to watch. These guys are going to be tough to beat. (Unless Derek invites Mark over for a protein shake.)

Jason Taylor and Edyta Sliwinska came in second and I’m still not feeling this. Is getting points for being so big and yet so light on his feet? I’m not seeing the chemistry or the flow in their rumba.

Tied for second was Mario and Karina Smirnoff with their high-energy samba. I really liked Mario here. I felt like he let loose and enjoyed himself for a change. Still, I think he could be better and I don’t know what’s holding him back.

Rising up out of the ashes was Marissa Jaret Winokur and Tony Dovolani with a bouncy samba that left the judges all smiles. You know, they give Marlee extras kudos for being deaf, Jason for being tall, don’t they understand that Marissa is working with a handicap, too. She’s not built like those other girls and that makes many of these moves even tougher to do, let alone the confidence issues. More power to you girl!  I’m behind you all the way.

In credibly Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough landed in the middle of the pack. With Derek in the hospital, Jonathan Roberts was preparing to go on with no practice time at all (which would have been cool to see, actually) but Derek hit the floor dancing. He didn’t look all that well, but when it came to judging I thought it was Shannon who was going to pass out.  She could barely breath. 

Cristian de la Fuente and Cheryl Burke are the most frustrating couple for me. Again, I expected Cristian to wow with is rumba but it just laid there. Not bad, not great. What’s up with this guy? He’s a sexy Latin soap star and he can’t bring that into the dance? It saddens me.

Marlee Matlin and Fabian Sanchez came in second to last. I always enjoy watching her dance and the samba didn’t have the flow of her previous dances. There was a stiffness and plenty of mistakes. She always looks fabulous and her personality can’t be beat, but I fear her days are numbered.

Coming in dead last, surprisingly, was Priscilla Presley and Louis Van Amstel. I don’t mind because I’ve never been a big fan of her dancing but it was odd to see her fall from grace so quickly. But with only one point dividing her and Marlee, I’m worried that it’s Marlee who is going home. I hope not.

Tune in tonight for the results show. James Blunt will perform and two more kids will compete on the dance floor. 9:00 on ABC.

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