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Biggest Loser Meal Plan debuts online

“The Biggest Loser” has made an enormous impact in the lives of its contestants. Now, you too can become a big loser.

Biggest Loser Season 2 winner Matt HooverIf you’re a fan of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” you can now play along with the “home version” of the game.  That is, you can subscribe to “The Biggest Loser Meal Plan” now available online.

“It has a direct effect on my positive weight loss!” says “The Biggest Loser” contestant Kruger, who has lost 116 pounds since this season of the show debuted in January. “I could not have achieved the weight loss at home that I have without it, and it is part of my success. That is the truth…” Kruger continues, “never mind the fact that it is all incredibly tasty and well put together. I love this plan and would recommend it to everyone who is serious about a lifestyle change.”

The Biggest Loser Meal Plan, which was created in conjunction with Bistro MD, has been carefully developed by doctors and experts who specialize in treating patients with weight disorders. Plan participants receive five days of gourmet-quality meals (three per day), which arrive at their doorstep, ready to reheat. The meals include everything from omelets or honey oat waffles for breakfast, to blackened tilapia or black bean soup for lunch, to whole wheat pasta or stuffed chicken breast for dinner. All of the food is prepared according to kosher standards and with only the finest ingredients. The meals are then flash-frozen and vacuum-sealed to preserve nutrients and maximize freshness and flavor.

The plan is available through or can be ordered by phone at 1-(866) 939-DIET (3438). The plan is available for $99.95 per week for five days of meals, which can be tailored to personal dining preferences or other dietary restrictions, as needed.

Talk about the ultimate TV dinner.

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