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We’ve got an inside look at ‘Baby Mama’

Tina Fey’s latest triumph arrives in theaters April 25 and we’ve got a series of stills to give you an inside look at the comedienne’s madcap world.

The story of a businesswoman who enlists the aide of a surrogate to have the baby she’s yearning for but cannot have, promises to be hilarious. A premise such as that with Tina Fey playing the too-busy mother who gets Amy Poehler’s character to carry her baby has got to be the funniest spring movie.

As the two character’s lives intertwine, the miracle of motherhood is explored for the myriad of angles it truly possesses.

Meet your Baby Mama

Tina and Amy have a ‘get to know’ you session and needless to say, the “Baby Mama” is not what Fey’s driven executive was expecting.

“Baby Mama” stars Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as two women who most likely would never spend time together. But, because Fey’s character has been more focused on career than relationships, when she is finally ready to have a child, she discovers she cannot. Enter Poehler’s character — a rough around the edges, fly by the seat of her pants person. The exact opposite of Fey.

You're not what I expected. 

Tina and Amy go to class…

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