MTV has it MADE

Apr 11, 2008 at 6:18 p.m. ET

Which dance will make the grade on a new season of 'MADE?'

Will this guy make it?MTV's award winning series "MADE" is back for a whole 'nother season starting on April 12.

The marathon begins at 10:00 am with "Made: Rock Star" and "Made: Baseball Player," then, at noon, they roll into a double feature with two competing high school students trying to make their mark.

"Made: Ballet Dancer" and "Made: Tap Dancer"  follows classmates, Vanessa and Kevin, who are competing against each other for the top prize in the student talent show.  

Two kids. One School. One very big Talent Show at Winthrop High School. Vanessa Caruccio's a hard-hitting jockette who wants to show everyone she can be a girlie girl. So she's being MADE into a graceful and elegant ballerina. Kevin Clucas is a popular senior, a jock who wants to find his creative side.

So he's being MADE into a tap dancer. In the end, both kids will compete toe to toe to see who will win the battle to be the best.

"MADE" chronicles the challenges and accomplishments that young people face as they attempt a life-changing transformation.   To assist on their journey in accomplishing their "makeover", MTV provides a coach who doubles as a mentor.   

Check out what happens to the young people featured on episodes of "MADE" in LIFE AFTER MADE, as well as view full episodes on And just as the show inspires the on-air participants to achieve their goals, fans can launch their own personal development journeys at (, MTV's online community that connects viewers who "wanna be made" with coaches that offer tips and techniques to inspire success.  Every journey is chronicled on the viewers' profile page including blog entries and personal progress ratings.