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Vanilla Ice arrested in Florida

Vanilla Ice, that “Ice, Ice, Baby” rapper from the early ’90s, has been arrested.

Vanilla seems a little too happy for a mugshotVanilla Ice is in hot water after an argument with his wife has landed him in jail.

Police in Florida were called to his home and arrived to find Mrs Ice upset and distraught.

After investigating the scene, authorities determined that Ice had hit her based on comments made by her.  

Later, after Vanilla Ice was arrested, his wife changed her story and said he had only pushed her and not struck her as she had stated.

Ice denied even pushing her when he was released from his domestic battery charge.

Van Winkle, aka Mr Vanilla, has been living off the 15 million copies of “Ice, Ice, Baby” with which he managed to landed on the top of the charts in 1990.

By the look on his face in his mugshot, it is good to see Mr Ice is happy with himself and where he’s at in his career.
Which makes us wonder — what’s MC Hammer been up to lately?

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