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Donny and Marie host Miss USA

Miss USA has the talented Donny and Marie and CBS cancels celebrities with none.

She is a little bit country, is he rock n' roll?

Tonight on TV

Lots of goodies around the tube tonight, so start taking notes.
ABC has the lightest load with a “Grey’s Anatomy” rerun followed by new “Duel” an “20/20.”

CBS is all new with a blogger threatening Melinda on “Ghost Whisperer,” “Price is Right Million Dollar Spectacular,” and Charlie gets some FBI training on “Numb3rs.”

NBC begins with “Amnesia” then rolls into the “Miss USA” pageant with Donny and Marie as your hosts.

The CW has “Friday Night Smackdown” for a few more months and Fox keeps changing the schedule but now it looks like a “Bones” repeat and a new “Canterbury’s Tale.”

Go higher on the dial until you reach E!.  There you’ll find the “True Hollywood Story” of the Wilson boys, Owen and Luke at 9:00. Gather the family for the “Doctor Who” spin-off, “Sarah Jane Adventures.”  It premieres on SCI FI tonight at 7:30 and there’s a new “Battlestar Galactica” at 10:00.

For movie buffs, TNT is running Peter Jackson’s “King Kong” and “Lord of the Rings” throughout the weekend. 

News and notable

— It’s not secret why CBS canceled “Secret Talent of the Stars” after only one airing. 

— There’s a ton of buzz about Katie Couric leaving CBS news but no confirmation on that rumor.

— The CW is raising a few eyebrows with it’s new racy campaign for “Gossip Girl” which has images of the young stars getting hot and heavy with the tagline “OMFG.”  If you don’t know what that means, ask a teenager. 

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