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Animal Planet announces new slate

Lions, monkeys and bears…oh my!

Isn't he cute? The lion...Animal Planet had its upfront presentation this week, unveiling a long list of new TV shows for the new season.  Here’s a sampling. 

“Dark Days in Monkey City”

Through a unique combination of live-action and graphic novel-style animation, this series takes us to the magical isle of Sri Lanka and the deserted city of Polonnaruwa where gray langurs and toque macques live on the streets.  “Intense tales of love, treachery, betrayal and triumph,” says Animal Planet.  Sounds like a soap opera with monkeys.

“Dave Salmoni: A Year With Lions”

This documentary follows predator expert Dave Salmoni as he spends a year among the lions in Africa.  Viewers will witness first hand the intricate, and social lives of the lions and experience a lion’s life from hunting to mating, birthing and defending its territory.

“Dogs!”  “Cats!”

It’s back to basics with these companion series that take a look at the top 50 breds of the favored family pets.  You’ll learn the history of the animals, learn about the behavioral quirks and you’ll learn how to choose the bred that is right for you.


Imagine “Top Model” with short men.  This group of jockeys will live together in a “colony” over the course of a 30-day racing season and there will be plenty of horsing around!  With some of the winningest jockeys around living amongst rank amateurs in the sport, you know there’s going to be some fireworks on and off the track.


This semi-spooky series takes a look at those animals that do their thing when the sun goes down. As a cool companion to this series, surfers will be able to tune in to a night sounds podcast that may just send shivers down your spine.

“Stray to Hey”

This is the make-over show for pups!  Each week, a dog will be selected from the pound and then given the royal treatment before being turned over to a loving home. 

“Whale Wars”

In what is Animal Planet’s most controversial series, former Greenpeace member Paul Watson sets out to cripple the whale hunting trade using unconventional and often dangerous methods.  From ramming to sinking whale fishing vessels, Watson’s methods are sure to make for a dramatic TV series that really hammers its point home.

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