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Will Katie Couric leave CBS News?

News is swirling that Katie Couric will be leaving CBS news before the end of her contract.

Will Katie Couric be leaving the anchor desk?The former “Today Show” host has had her share of critics since her debut in 2006. Couric’s $75 million contract raised more than a few eyebrows.

The network and Katie both promised that she would bring the celebrity quotient to the evening news and shoot ratings through the roof.

Of course we all know that did not happen. CBS is still third in the ratings for their evening news and Couric has gone through more changes with our wardrobe than a model at fashion week. Couric insists she is staying, although who would not resist the tempting pull of a multi-million dollar buyout. Then, she could go back to happily interviewing presidents, popes and pop culture icons without being chastized for blurring the line between celebrity and news.

For the record, CBS insists their star is not leaving. Couric made history as the first woman to solo anchor the evening network news. To not complete her contract would not be seen as a failure, merely a response to ratings combined with Couric’s desire to do other things.

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