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Leona Lewis marks big day by releasing latest CD

It’s Leona Lewis’ birthday and everyone gets a present! The singer is releasing her CD “Spirit” today and Leona — who is currently the number-one searched artist on Yahoo — only wanted to visit with friends for her big day. Her April 3 birthday had her in a swirl of publicity, yet her wish was granted.

Happy Birthday Leona!But Leona was thrilled to report that she had her friends and family flown to New York City where they spent the entire day with the birthday girl. Considering her “Spirit” album is arriving in stores April 8, most artists don’t have time to breathe.

She had to be up at 5 a.m. for “Good Morning America” the next morning so the birthday party was mild. But, surrounded by the people Leona cares most about, the “Spirit” of this birthday was the best ever.

Leona did have fun at Opera in NYC, even if the evening was short. But a moment of truth moment for any woman in peril arrived on her way in to the club and proved how resourceful she is. About to exit the car on her way into Opera, she realized her dress had ripped.

What to do? Safety pins and a star is ready for her close-up.

Listen to her latest song, “Bleeding Love” and don’t forget to enter for your chance to win her latest CD.

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