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Dancing with the Stars week in review

Carolla cuts up and Marissa fought back on last night’s “Dancing with the Stars.”

Adam Carolla was scaryThis week on “Dancing with the Stars” the teams had to perform either a Paso Doble (my least favorite dance) or the Viennese Waltz (one of my favorites).  It was interesting television.

Let’s start with a complaint lodged against, you know who, Adam Carolla.  Instead of being verbally offensive this week, he was visually offensive when he performed part of his dance routine on a unicycle.  Now, I’m all for entertainment and creativity but this just smacked of mockery and I’m going to be very annoyed if he doesn’t go home this week.  All of the contestants are working hard, taking this seriously and he’s goofing off.  Enough already.  If he’s not interested in winning then don’t keep him around a minute longer.

Marlee is moving

My other least favorite couple Priscilla and Louis hovered near the bottom of the scoreboard this week which is fine by me but still odd.  The judges always seem to favor them but their scores didn’t reflect the comments. Along those same lines Marlee and Fabian did a gorgeous waltz that brought Carrie Ann and I both to tears but still their scores landed them in the center of the pack!  I don’t get it.  Sure it wasn’t a perfect waltz but she made you cry for heaven’s sake! 

Also in the middle is Mario and Karina and I’m beginning to tire of him.  He should be better than he is and though his Paso was very strong I just didn’t feel connected or excited.  Mario’s going to have to step it up if he wants to stay in the game.

Marlee was movingI’m terribly proud of Marissa, who, with partner Tony, had to perform a serious and sexy Paso.  I thought she’d die trying — she’s so fun and bubbly — I thought no way can she pull off this dramatic dance but it worked!  You go girl.

Cristian and Cheryl, sexy and so-so

Cristian de la Fuente and Cheryl Burke were as sexy as can be in their black leather garb but still they didn’t ignite the judges to push them to the top.  

Who did land in the top?  First, the usual suspects Kristi and Mark with a powerful Paso and sharing the top spot with them is Jason and Edyta who, I think, were over scored for their Waltz.

The biggest surprise was Shannon and Derek who swept the crowd away with a gorgeous Waltz. To make it even more spectacular, Derek was sidelined most of the week with a neck injury that happened during rehearsals for last week’s results show.  Poor kid was hauled off in an ambulance and again, Jonathan Roberts was called in to sub while he recovered. 

Geez, who knew dancing could be so dangerous!

Tonight, Sheryl Crow performs on the results show and you’ll see some future ballroom champs take to the floor.

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