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Win the brilliant Kite Runner DVD!

Taking a book and bringing it to the screen is a delicate task. “The Kite Runner” achieves perfection in that manner and more.

Kite Runner can be yours“The Kite Runner” is currently out on DVD and the film on its own is brilliant.

Taken into the fact that it adapted a book that was so touching and sincere and managed to bring it to the screen without losing any of that and you have a lesson in how Hollywood should adapt literary works.

Two chances to win!


With double the opportunity to win the film, there is not a reason not to enter both and bring home this mesmerizing film. 

SheKnows has a free DVD of “Kite Runner” and DreamWorks is also giving one away.

The book, written by Khaled Hosseini, is the story of Afghanistan in the modern world. Providing a view rarely seen into a secretive world, Hosseini managed to peel away barriers in telling a story of youth that is universal.

Two friends connected by a choice made in childhood that haunts them throughout life’s journey.

When the two are grown, the drama intensifies with the backdrop of the cultural reverberations of modern Afghanistan as one of the boys — now a grown man — is compelled to right a wrong.

The DVD is a journey that furthers the story and the people of Afghanistan by going deeper into its heart.

Here, courtesy of DreamWorks, is a preview of the film.

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