Go behind the scenes with The Closer

Visit The Closer’s writer’s room and much more when the show gives fans an inside peek.

Go behind the scenes with KyraFans of TNT‘s hit crime drama “The Closer” will have an opportunity to get a sneak peek at what’s to come through a collection of specially produced, online segments to be made available at tnt.tv.  The segments, which will be posted on the site today, April 7, feature exclusive footage of the writers’ room, where “The Closer’s” staff of writers and producers hash out story ideas. 

In these new, online segments, “The Closer’s” executive producers and writers take viewers through the process of putting a season together, beginning with the development of the season’s main theme.  This includes discussions with star and producer Kyra Sedgwick, who helps writers determine what rites of passage her character will face in the coming season.

Once the season’s theme is developed, writers brainstorm different cases and plots, as well as opportunities for specific characters, such as the ever-popular detectives Flynn and Provenza.  Next up is “breaking a story,” which involves developing a specific episode’s plot and filling it in with the twists, turns and character arcs needed for a full show.

“With fans eagerly awaiting “The Closer’s” return, we thought it was a perfect opportunity to take them behind the scenes and show how the intricate plots and character details are developed by the writers,” said Molly Battin, senior vice president of brand development and digital platforms for TNT, TBS and Turner Classic Movies.  “This is also a great chance for fans to get a sneak preview at what they can expect when “The Closer” returns to TNT in July.”


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