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Make Me a Supermodel Finale

Holly… America made you a supermodel. Congratulations!

OMG, she won!Last night was the season finale
of Bravo’s “Make Me a Supermodel” and it was awkward, to say the least.   Like many reality shows, Bravo brought in the contestant’s “loved ones” to cheer them on before the big
announcement. For Holly, that was a romantic meeting with her fiancee. For Ronnie, a hug from his biggest fan, his mom. And then. . yikes! Ben’s wife showed up and even the
other contestants muttered, ‘divorce papers’ just as I did!

Ben was a prison guard with a wife and child back in the small southern town he called home. That was 12 weeks ago. Since then, Ben has been seen trotting around in fetish gear and
underwear and his close relationship with Ronnie was more than a little gay. “Bronnie” claimed it was all in fun, but I can’t see Ben going back to prison after all of America’s seen him
cuddling up to another guy. When his wife showed up at the door, I swear, I thought she had a gun.

The second awkward moment came when Perry’s love, Amanda showed up at the apartment. A few weeks ago, Amanda made headlines when she was seen out with Britney’s boyfriend. Perry was
crushed and when he asked her if she still loved him (for all the world to hear) she wiggled out of it by suggesting he was crazy to ask. 

The worst thing about these family reunions is the faces of the contestants when it’s over. No, that’s not ‘missing you’ in their eyes. That’s, ‘oh man, I have to go home!’ After 12 weeks of
living the life of a supermodel, how does anyone go back to the life they had before! It’s a wonder these contestants don’t commit suicide when it’s done.

In the end, it was Holly who was crowned the victor and she deserved it. Perry, I’m sure, will continue to model, despite his loss and Ronnie, too. The one I really wonder about is Ben.
Please Bravo, plan a follow up special six months from now, because I’m dying to know how this whole thing turns out. 

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