Ghost Whisperer finally returns

CBS has much “Love” for Ghost Whisperer fans!

Tomorrow night, “Ghost Whisperer” returns with all new episodes. 

First up it’s “Home but Not Alone,” where Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) assists Delia’s (Camryn Manheim) son Ned’s new girlfriend, who thinks she’s being haunted by her dead father. The week after, it’s “The Gravesitter.”  After a string of break-ins, Melinda faces the town blogger who knows her secret and plans to tell.

And that’s just the first two!  CBS has a total of six new episodes coming your way.

But wait!  CBS has one more special treat for you.

Inspired by the discovery of The Underworld and spirit possession in the third season of “Ghost Whisperer,” artist Miles Kalbach has created an exclusive claymation video featuring new music by Señor Happy. Check it out below.

Who knew clay could be so creepy. 

Watch Ghost Whisperer, Friday’s at 8:00 on CBS.


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