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There Will Be Blood DVD strikes black gold

SheKnows was given a copy of “There Will Be Blood” prior to its April 8 release date. For fans of the film, or if you have never seen it — this is a do not miss on many levels.

Daniel Day-Lewis won an Oscar for his portray of an oil man determined to do anything to succeed in nineteenth century California. The Irish actor also has the pleasure of having one of his lines from the film become a pop culture phenomenon – “I’ll drink your milkshake!”

The movie itself is one for any DVD collection, but what makes this film shine on DVD is how the extras compliment an already stunning product. The filmmaker insight is right out of film school with writer-director Paul Thomas Anderson. The man behind “Magnolia” and “Boogie Nights” has done it again. Anderson creates a tapestry on screen that translates impeccably to the small screen because of the richness of his story.

Do not be put off by the ‘blood’ in the title. It is no bloodier than what inhabits nightly television. The sentiment of the film’s moniker is priceless.

There will be Oscars, too!

This film is a do-not-miss, and its DVD is beyond compare when it comes to the insight behind a movie. The DVD has often been described as a virtual film school in how it transports the viewer in the opposite way the actual movie does. Instead of removing reality — DVD extras pile the truth behind the magic.

The creative staff behind “There Will Be Blood” has put their passion for the story on the screen through several avenues. First is the “15 Minutes” that literally peels back the curtain on Paul Thomas Anderson’s Oz. There are the standard trailers, which are always fascinating to witness after seeing the film.

“The Story of Petroleum” is a 1923 black and white film that brings to life the real life individuals behind the oil legends of the United States. With the film “There Will Be Blood” and “The Story of Petroleum” as bookends, the viewer has themselves not only a film making class in a DVD, but a virtual history lesson of how the country that is dependent on oil became so hooked on the black gold.

Daniel Day-Lewis is spellbinding

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