Teri Garr smashes windows of cheating boyfriend

Apr 1, 2008 at 3:00 a.m. ET

Teri Garr, an actress known for a slew of stand-out roles in the '80s including "Tootsie," is one not to be messed with. Her boyfriend found that out the hard way.

Teri Garr in happier daysTeri Garr learned her boyfriend had been cheating on her with another woman when the woman showed up at Garr's house to confess to the entire affair.

And you thought the entertainment business was excluded from such drama?

The woman Garr's boyfriend was cheating with had decided to confess when she caught the man in the middle of a tryst cheating on her! 

The actress immediately gathered her soon to be ex's things and awaited his return to inform him of his ouster from her life. Garr then got into her car with all of his things and headed over to his house where she promptly took a hammer to every window in his home.

After the boyfriend, who has not been named, became a little worried, he called the cops.

When police arrived, they assumed Garr had been the one subject to the violence and immediately came to her aid. Garr left the scene after telling officers she was fine.

For this writer, Garr's most memorable role was opposite Michael Keaton in "Mr. Mom." After witnessing her take charge manner in that early '80s film, who would dream of messing with this woman!

Also, Garr announced to the world in 2002 that she is suffering from multiple sclerosis. She suffered an aneurysm in 2006, underwent brain surgery and has completely recovered.