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ABC announces its summer schedule

It looks like everyone is starting to embrace the idea of new programming all-year long, as ABC announced their slate of new shows for the summer season.

The Bachelorette is back!You’ll find some returning television favorites, some familiar names and a couple of completely new ideas that should keep you occupied until the usual shows return in the fall. 

The Bachelorette” (Special two-hour season premiere on May 19)

DeAnna Pappas, the girl who suffered through Brad Womanck’s last minute reject on “The Bachelor” gets to turn the tables as she becomes “The Bachelorette.” 

“The Mole” (May 26)

The reality / game show returns as 12 new players try to figure out who is The Mole as they attempt to complete a variety of unusual tasks.

“Wipeout” (June 24)

This is reality TV to the extreme as 24 contestants battle each other and a complex obstacle course in hopes of being the last man standing.  

“I Survived a Japanese Game Show” (June 24)

Yes, that’s the real name and it explains it pretty well. This reality show follows 10 Americans as they head to Japan to compete in the truly bizarre game shows of that nation.

“Dance Machine” (June 27)

Another dance show with a twist — these people can’t dance. The press release says, “Imagine a 70-year-old grandmother in a dance-off with a 25-year-old gravedigger to the tune of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller.’ ” Personally, I’d rather watch those lizards doing the dance in that energy water commercial.

High School Musical: Summer Session” (July 20)

It’s “American Idol” for the Disney set, as teens 16-22 are invited to audition to be a part of the “High School Musical” experience. Finalists will participate in a summer music program and the final winner will be given “an opportunity of a lifetime.” The lack of details about the prize reminds me of how the winner of the first “Pussycat Dolls” was supposed to be given a spot in the group. . .yeah, not. Which reminds me, how’s that TV grown version of “Grease” going?

“Wanna Bet” (July 21)

This one defies explanation. Celebrities will have to bet on the success or failure of a wild stunt, trick or mental challenge that “average Americans” dream up. I have questions. Are the celebs going to perform the tricks? Are the “average Americans?” Is it “Beat the Clock” meets Texas Hold’em? I’m confused.

On the only serious note:

“ABC News’ Hopkins” (June 26)

Is a six-part series that takes you into the everyday workings of Baltimore’s John Hopkins Hospital. And frankly, I feel funny even putting such a serious and life affirming documentary on the same page as “I Survived a Japanese Game Show.” 

I guess that’s show biz!

Photo courtesy of ABC

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