New Madonna single offers ‘4 Minutes’ of her time

Mar 28, 2008 at 3:00 a.m. ET

Until Madonna's latest record comes out at the end of April, the first single will have to suffice for all you Material Girl fans.

Madonna's ready for some 'Hard Candy'

Warner Brothers sent SheKnows this link to "4 Minutes," a song that joins a long list of Madonna tracks that dominate the pop charts.

Fresh from her induction into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame March 10, Madonnais primed to heat up the summer as only she can.

"Hard Candy" features a who's-who of popular music's producing masters from Pharrell Williams of the Neptunes to Nate "Danja" Hills.

And who could forget the maestro of the beats himself, Timbaland.

Timbaland brought his best-bud Justin Timberlake along for "4 Minutes" of musical bliss. JT and Madonna's collaboration will certainly be another chart-topper.

Anticipation to taste Madonna's "Hard Candy" is at a fever pitch.

Listen to Madonna's "4 Minutes" and let us know what you think!