Watch the 'Smart People' exclusive clip

Mar 27, 2008 at 2:39 p.m. ET

"Smart People" stars Sarah Jessica Parker as a former student of professor played by Dennis Quaid. The two arrive at a crossroads in life and forge the most compelling of relationships in this comic drama that arrives in theaters April 11.

Sarah Jessica Parker is 'Smart'Only SheKnows has this exclusive scene from Miramax Pictures of the upcoming spring movie.

"Smart People" also stars the Academy Award-nominated actress from "Juno," Ellen Page. She portrays Quaid's daughter who challenges her brilliant widowed father beyond anything he's mastered scholastically.

Being "Smart" does not help Quaid's character with his do-nothing adopted brother Chuck ( Thomas Hayden Church ) either. Chuck moves into his house sending this esteemed man of knowledge into a world where he seems to be lacking any when it comes to personal relationships. But when the character portrayed by Sarah Jessica Parker arrives and a romantic interest is sparked, things may be looking up for Quaid's "Smart" teacher.

"Smart People" arrives April 11 in theaters nationwide.