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Quiz: What TV mom type are you?


Mostly A’s

Look out Annie Camden, move over Mrs. Cleaver, there’s a gentle parent in town – check that, a very kind parent who consistently reminds her children how proud she is of them.  Although your kids may occasionally get themselves into mischief, your smiles and calm demeanor tend to mute the circumstances.  While you demonstrate your unconditional love, your soft yet direct approach exemplifies peaceful ways to deal with tough topics like anger.

Unlike Camden, the mom from “7th Heaven,” parents on shows like “Two and a Half Men” highlight a free-for-all climate that’s definitely in need of a kind-tempered mom like you. You tend to reinforce good behavior with milk, chocolate chip cookies, and yes – lots of hugs. You’re such the sweetie mom, you deserve your own catchy melody.

Mostly B’s

You’re a cross between Mrs. Brady, “The Cosby Show’s” Mrs. Huxtable and Marge Simpson. Sure, you provide positive reinforcement to your kids when they get good grades, but you also rule with a firm fist by teaching a lesson each and every time and realizing like Maggie and Bart Simpson, your kids are different and require your individual attention. 

By instilling ethics in your kids so they know the difference between right and wrong, you’re not afraid of sending your kids to their room – even if it means they’ll miss a big family camping trip or a school dance. The behavior of the kids on Laguna Beach with all its drama, rivalry, and rifts between Kristin and LC is unacceptable in your family.

Mostly C’s

You’d answer to the title of “CEO Mom,” since you’re the disciplinarian and the Super Mom of the household.  While you may try to manifest your former corporate skillset like “Desperate Housewives” Lynette Scavo by applying the same go-getter methods used at work B.C., you realize there’s a challenge at every turn.

Even so, you’ve got the channeling-the-Super-Nanny bit down with your swift communication style, which highlights your firm, take-no-excuses mom style. It’s dinner time or sit-in-your-room-while-your-stomach-growls time. While it may seem a little strict by setting clear boundaries, like “Everyone Loves Raymond’s” Mrs. Romano, you’re also aware of knowing when it’s important to listen and lend a shoulder for your kids to lean on. 

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