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Quiz: What TV mom type are you?

Test your TV mom personality type, and see what star you’re channeling when it comes to motherhood.


Remember the episode when Theo got his ear pierced on “The Cosby Show” and he was trying to hide it from his dad? Or that time when the Brady brood broke a vase (everyone say it together now: “Mom always said, don’t play ball in the house!”).

Whether you’re navigating your household with tough love, or you’re the epitome of a kind, gentle nurturer, chances are you’ve incorporated bits and pieces from iconic TV moms along the way. Take this quiz to see where your own parenting style coincides with television moms.

1.  Which scenario describes your parenting style?

A.  I’m warm, loving and always there to nurture my children.
B.  I’m warm and loving, but ready to intervene and punish them if they get out of line.
C.  I’m not quite a drill sergeant, but close. After all, these kids need definitive boundaries. (And yes, I’m warm and loving, too — just manifesting it differently).


2. How do you handle sibling squabbles?

A. I speak to my kids in a soft tone and tell them they’re each unique individuals.
B. We hold a contest and they build a house of cards (kidding!) – I intervene to hear both sides if they can’t resolve issues on their own.
C. Squabbles, what squabbles? My strict tendencies emerge the moment I hear bickering to halt any quarreling before it begins.

3. Would you ever send your child to her room?

A. No, not really.
B. It depends on the situation, but usually – yes. I would also teach her a lesson and explain why she’s being punished.
C. Heck yeah!  She needs to reflect upon what she’s done.


4. How do you instill self-esteem in your kids?

A. “You’re special just the way you are.”
B. “You’re special, but so is everyone else in this household.”
C. “So you think you’re special? Get in line!”


5. How often do you put your kids in time-outs?

A. Never – we talk through issues and bad behavior.
B. Sometimes – it really depends on the situation.
C. Almost always! This is really the only way to get my kids to behave.


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