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Is Kate Moss engaged?

Is Kate Moss really engaged? That seems to be the thoughts as tabloids in Britain went crazy in the last 24 hours when the supermodel was seen carousing around London with a rock on her ring finger.

Guitarist Jamie Hince is the “lucky” guy and the alleged announcement came after the couple had a few pints and who knows what else at an Amsterdam bar. Emerging from the pub, a passerby noticed the rock and said congratulations to which Kate Moss reportedly said, “Thanks!” Sources close to the scene say that Hince actually proposed inside the bar! One of the more romantic marriage proposals I’ve ever heard. All that money to fly anywhere in the world and you get engaged at an Amsterdam bar. Hince plays with the band, The Kills, and had just finished a show in the Dutch city before heading to Brussels today with his fiancé in tow. After two years with Pete “Babyshambles” Doherty, maybe the 39-year-old Hince has brought Moss some happiness. We’ll see…and Naomi Campbell is going to stop throwing phones.Here is Kate Moss and Jamie Hince in London last October:

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