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Britney Spears’ sitcom stint scores highest ratings ever

The predictions over Britney Spears’ complete and utter downfall well may be premature.

Britney gets big ratings

Britney has had a widely publicized comic stint on the CBS hit, “How I Met Your Mother.”

Now, thanks to Britney Spears and her appearance last night, the show has scored its highest ratings in series history. As CBS’ comedy schedule took a dive in the ratings, Britney brought the Neil Patrick Harris show to new heights. Also appearing in this episode was Sarah Chalke of Scrubs (shown above right).

The reviews of Britney’s performance were generally complimentary:…

“Spears proved she can act every bit as well as she can sing,” wrote the New York Daily News. (The power of that last statement depends on how well you think she can actually sing.) “Britney the Trainwreck showed how she can still be Britney the Performer,” added The Associated Press. (And no matter what you think of Britney Spears talent-wise, the debacles of the past year have only proven that the girl’s a performer, through and through.)

Maybe — just maybe — this is a turnaround point for the most enormous nose dive in pop music history.

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