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Dancing with the Stars leads tonight’s What to Watch

Fox bumps Law, Jericho canceled — again.

Who's going home tonight?TONIGHT ON TV

It’s two hours and two minutes of “Dancing With the Stars” tonight as all of the couples perform for your votes. After that, ABC dials up the UK with “The Bachelor: London Calling.”

CBS has two hours of laughs with “The Big Bang Theory,” and three more new comedies followed by a new “CSI: Miami.”

NBC goes with the game shows “My Dad,” “Deal or No Deal,” followed by the first of a new two-part “Medium.”

The CW reruns “Gossip Girl,” before another Pussycat goes home on “Girlicious.”

Fox has yanked “Canterbury’s Law” from Monday night and has replaced it with a rerun of “House” (which makes no sense to me) and follows that with a new “New Amsterdam.”

Over on ABC Family, “Greek” returns for a new season and then the girls search for a shoe on the next edition of “America’s Prom Queen.” 


— “Supernatural’s” Jared Padalecki may be spending his summer at Crystal Lake as he seals the deal on the lead in the new Friday the 13th movie.

— CBS canceled “Jericho” — again– but this time not even the fans and their peanuts can save the series.

— VH1 has begun online casting for “The Pick-Up Artist.” Guys can go to to post a 1-minute rundown of why women will find them irresistible.

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