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‘The Hills’ is back, Lo and behold

As a veteran of both “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills,” Lauren Bosworth has a unique perspective on the phenomenon.

The Hills are alive with Lo!

An inside look

Better known as Lo to her BFF Lauren Conrad and the rest of the world, she was there when the idea was nothing more than some Southern California high school kids, a few cameras and the promise of MTV.

A new episode of “The Hills” premiered Monday night on the music network at 10 p.m. This season look for the show to chronicle LC’s exciting Paris trip and witness as Lo, LC and Audrina Patridge move in together in the Hollywood Hills.

As the stylish crew – Lauren, Audrina, Lo, Heidi Montag and her overlord Spencer Pratt – embark on the last half of season three, Lo promises the journey will be as gripping as ever. The show’s tagline, “New house, new boys, new drama,” illustrates that perfectly.

Lo is currently finishing her final semester at UCLA and will graduate in May with her Art History degree.

Where she goes from there…stay tuned.

‘New house, new boys, new drama’

SK: I sure appreciate you taking a few moments this afternoon with SheKnows. I know you guys are gearing up for your premiere.

Lo: Yeah, sure, my pleasure. We’re so excited.

SK: You were a part of “Laguna Beach,” how is this experience different for you?

Lo: Well, we’ve matured a lot. (laughter) I think it’s been an interesting transition because these years from 18 to 21 are such fun ones when you are learning so much about yourself, other people and how to handle situations. That is a big difference. It’s going from high school to early twenties. There’s a lot of growing room.

Listening to LCSK: Do you think that is one of the reasons the show resonates with people, we’ve all lived through that time period?

Lo: Everyone can relate to it. Everybody always says that those years were their best years. They had so much fun. So, for older viewers, they’re able to re-live those years, and for people that age, they’re going through it, and younger people, they’re looking forward to it. It’s a really universal theme, those years.

SK: And what struck me watching both “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills” is how many would not mind having a camera documenting their time so they could look back on it later and say ‘wow, that was really cool.’ Is that a nice aspect of the shows’ success for you?

Lo: It is cool. Sometimes I see things from “Laguna Beach” season one and I’m like, ‘really…really!’ (laughs). It’s just the funniest stuff.

Living together

SK: This new season, you are all under the same roof essentially. Being such good friends, is there any recommendations you could give people about maintaining a successful friendship while being roommates? Sometimes that can be difficult.

Lo: Lauren and I have been friends for so many years that we pretty much know everything about each other. Plus, we live together very well, actually. We go through the same week of being messy and pick the same day to get down and clean the house. It’s been a lot of give and take. We have a fair and nice easy living arrangement. It sucks if you have a roommate that doesn’t respect you. Lauren and I just got lucky, I guess.

LC and LoSK: It’s also fantastic that many people don’t have friends that knew them way back when. For you and LC, with all of your success, you must have grown together in so many ways.

Lo: Oh my God, yes. What’s cool is because we started out as friends and we work together, but we’ve stayed friends. It’s been cool to see how our relationship has grown in that way as well.

SK: Growing up in Southern California, most of us are a little unfazed when it comes to celebrity. Any given trip to Los Angeles, you could be having lunch two tables from Charlize Theron. You and Lauren grew up in the shadow of Hollywood, you probably don’t ever have a pinch-yourself-moment about what’s going on around you, do you?

Lo: (Laughs) Yeah, we don’t really. I have never been one to be especially excited by celebrity sightings. Personally, I think that’s helpful being in Hollywood because I can look at a situation and look at everyone just as people when it comes down to it.

SK: That’s a really good point.

Lo: At the same time you have to realize everyone in the entertainment industry – it’s a job. You working for SheKnows, me doing the show, it’s a job. Some jobs have different perks. Everybody’s the same. Everyone goes to work and goes out afterwards.

SK: For you as an individual, how is it in the moment when you are being filmed? Does that ever play a role in what you’re doing? Or is it that because you and Lauren know each other so well, it’s natural.

Lo: I think the scenes that Lauren and I have together, they are really natural. We just flow really well. I’m always conscious of myself when we’re filming because I know that it will be seen by millions of people. There’s no way that you can’t be conscious of yourself on some level. At the same time we have been filming for so many years, to us, it is extremely natural.

SK: Plus you have breaks and set filming schedules, is that right?

Lo, Audrina and Brody Jenner take in Lauren's fashion line debutLo: It’s not like “Real World” where there are cameras always in the house.

SK: Oh my, could you imagine?

Lo: No, I could not imagine and I would never agree to anything like that.

(We both laugh.)

A true friend

SK: Lastly, as you said, being such good friends with Lauren, how is it for you to see her success with her fashion line knowing that was her ultimate dream?

Lo: I’m so proud of her. It’s so many years of hard work coming to fruition for her. I lost it at Mercedes Fashion Week at her show. I was just looking around…you know what? That was one instance where I had to pinch myself. To be at something so legitimate and to see my friend doing it, it was really cool. I am so proud of her for being able to accomplish something like that.

SK: Wow, you just gave me the chills.

Lo: Yeah, seriously! You know what I mean! That was my ‘wow’ moment. Lauren’s like family at this point. A lot of people don’t have relationships that last as long as our friendship.

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