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Survivor: Micronesia review and preview

It wasn’t enough for Chet to help out his own alliance to vote out one of the most powerful players in the game. It wasn’t even enough for him to sacrifice himself for the good of his position in the game.

Survivor champ Vecepia breaks it down

‘Survivor’ selfishness

His selfishness was all he thought of when he chose not to assist his alliance with voting out Ozzy. What a turn of events that would have been. I would have hated to see Ozzy go, but I don’t think he would have expected it. This season has been one of unexpected departures, so I would not have been too shocked. But, back to Chet. On one hand, I understand that health is a key factor in this game, especially after what just happened with Jonanthan getting pulled from the game for a major injury. And I’m sure Jonathan’s misfortune played with Chet’s physique a bit. However, it takes a strong person to be able to “tough it out for the good of the team” when necessary and Chet just couldn’t deliver.  

Last Week’s ‘Survivor’

Feeling a little betrayed over the ousting of his friend Joel, Erik wondered about his position in the game. Tracy tried to alleviate his anxiety, but he still wasn’t sure about her motives. Being the odd person out in the original Favorites tribe, Amy contemplated shaking things up with the misfits from the original Fans tribe. She talked with Tracy and Chet about working together to first oust Cirie. Amy figured that it was a good chance to begin to truly play the game.

On the Airai camp, Jonathan was feeling the agony of the injury he sustained in a previous challenge. Trying to limp around camp, the other tribe mates wondered if he was going to be alright. Taking a moment to strategize together, Jonathan and Eliza discussed how they could work at getting rid of Parvati and James before the merge.

At the Reward Challenge, the teams had 10 minutes to take wood planks, boards and ropes to create an impassable tunnel that the other team would try to get through. The first team through the other team’s tunnel would win a visit from 2 Micronesian Fisherman to teach them the art of living off the land.

As the team took the 10 minutes to build their tunnels, Malakal spent most of their time building a strong entrance, but little time on the rest. It took just a few tugs and pulls of some ropes and boards before the Airai tribe slithered their way through the maze of boards getting through before Malakal. They chose to send Chet and Jason to Exile Island.

Airai alert

Before Airai headed back to camp, the medic team was brought in to look at Jonathan’s injury. Jonathan was informed that due to the large infection forming in his leg and that there was potential for his injuries to be fatal; the recommendation was for him to leave the game and receive proper medical treatment. A teary-eyed Jonathan agreed.

Back at the Airai camp and with Jason at Exile Island, James was the only male left on the tribe. Missing Jonathan, James stated, “I’m with a bunch of girls, and I’m not that persuasive in the verbal manner to woo people on my side and they are…If I make it to the merge, it’s all good. But the chances of me making it… this is not in my favor right now!”

Greeting the Micronesian fisherman, the Airai tribe learned how to live off the land. They learned how to catch crabs, catch fish and virtually sustain life on the island.

While Amy observed Amanda, Ozzy and Cirie criticize the work ethic of the Fans on their tribe; Amy’s annoyance was more of revenge than anything else. Talking with Erik and Tracy, they agreed to target Cirie, but they still need to talk to Chet upon his return from Exile Island.

Trying the make the most of their time on Exile Island, Chet chose not to look for the Hidden Idol, but Jason began his quest. Retrieving all the previous clues, he finally succeeded in finding the location where the idol was before. Unbeknownst to him that Ozzy had already found the idol, Jason located the fake idol that Ozzy planted. An elated Jason wondered first about the validity of the fake idol but still was excited. Surveying the fake idol, Jason said, “Well, I guess this is the Hidden Immunity Idol…This means Ozzy doesn’t have it, I have it. So this is really good for me.”

A serious challenge

Arriving at Challenge Beach Jeff Probst informed them that they would have to carry two team members across the water one at a time from one platform to another using only two stepping poles. Once the two members reach the second platform they all must get to a third much smaller platform meant for only five people and get everyone successfully on top of the platform.

From the beginning of the challenge, the Airai tribe chose to use only one stepping pole to carry Eliza successfully across. The Malakal tribe had trouble trying to get Tracy secure on the pole. Now working to get Parvati across, just before reaching the platform she fell backwards into the water. Trying it again, Parvati (not spooked by the first attempt), had confidence in her tribe. As they successfully transferred Parvati, the tribe made their way to the third platform. Within minutes they were all on top of the platform to win their second Immunity challenge in a row.

Returning back to camp, Chet was concerned about his foot and begged his closest allies to vote him out the game. Hoping to convince him to stay in order for their plan to vote out Cirie worked, Erik creatively decided they should target the biggest threat and get rid of Ozzy. As Chet discussed his demise with Ozzy, Ozzy agreed to his request to vote him out. In a matter of minutes, Erik, Tracy and Amy tried their best to convince Chet to stay in the game until their plan of shocking Ozzy and voting him out succeeded. Chet was really unsure of his decision.

In the end, Chet must have told Tracy, Erik and Amy that he did not want to play any longer because he was the one voted out (No one voted for Ozzy or Cirie). Surprisingly enough Erik received two votes.

Ladies Rule

Conclusion, I feel sorry for the men this season. There are four guys and nine girls left in Micronesia. Currently, the women are ruling this season. They are in control and have the upper hand. Amanda was in this same position last season in China when there should have been a female winner (with her, Courtney and Denise in the finals). But she chose to keep Todd around and he beat her and Courtney out convincingly. If these women don’t come out of this season victorious, I’m going to scream. I think it’s time for solidarity amongst the ladies and get rid of the other four men left in the game. Girl Power to the End!!!

Until next week. Oh, don’t forget that Survivor is coming on Wednesday evening because of March Madness.

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