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ABC Dancing smash hits the floor

Dancing with the Stars premiered this week with its two-night debut. It is time once again to put on your dancing shoes!
ABC is seeing dancing starsDancing with the Stars” returned on Monday night and I had forgotten how much I love this show. There’s something about a dancer that sets my heart a flutter and when the dancer is gorgeous Cristian de la Fuente, more’s the better! 


The man took the stage first and it was an interesting mix of so-so and pretty hot.  Not the caliber of what we saw in the first round in DWTS 5, but not bad.
R&B singer Mario was the boy to beat as he performed a sexy cha cha that had all of the women in the audience (and a few of the men) swooning.  He may not have perfect footwork but he’s got a natural charisma that makes you forget any mistakes he makes.

Next in line was football star Jason Taylor and he was a real surprise. Anyone who thinks football players are huge lumbering beasts should get a load of this guy doing a foxtrot. He had a real elegance about him and his long legs are a great asset in this competition.

Latin American heartthrob Cristian de la Fuente stole what hearts were left with his fun cha cha.  Not a total evening stealer but I think he’s got real potential.

On the other end of the see-saw you had a peppy but stiff Steve Guttenberg, Penn Jillette looking like Bigfoot learning to dance and quirky Adam Corolla who should be eliminated right now.  Don’t wait until next week.  Please. 


The women had little competition to live up to and they…well…some did, some didn’t.  Before the dancing even began though, I had to wonder what was up with Priscilla Presley.  Maybe she was scared out of her wits but I never saw a more disinterested looking dancer in all my days.  And when she was getting judged, I thought she was going to pull a Marie Osmond. 
Top honors on Tuesday night went to Kristi Yamaguchi.  The pro ice skater looked like she was skating on ice as she performed a classy and elegant foxtrot.  Still, there’s a long road ahead of her and like Jane Seymour before her she may not excel at the faster, sexier numbers.

Despite her apparent disinterest, Priscilla Presley turned out a lovely foxtrot, Shannon Elizabeth is one of those really cute girls who should be able to dance better than she does. She could be one of those late bloomers, but I think partner Derek Hough was dead on when he mentioned that fact that the cute ones always get sent home first.

Tennis pro Monica Seles just couldn’t pull it together on the dance floor. She complained about the softness needed to dance (vs the power of tennis) but to me they don’t seem that far apart. Seles’ problem is… how do I say this delicately, she’s just too butch for the dance floor. I think she’ll be gone by next week.

My two favorites of the night were Marissa Jaret Winokur and Marlee Matlin. Winokur who starred in Hairspray on Broadway is short and chubby and with enough energy to light the ballroom! Her zest for life is contagious and you can’t help but have fun when you watch her dance.  Not the most technically proficient girl on the floor but what a ball of fire.

Finally, we have deaf actress Marlee Matlin paired with newcomer pro Fabian Sanchez. There’s no question that DWTS will get plenty of mileage out of including a deaf girl in the competition, but if they hadn’t told the audience before she danced, you never would have known it. She performed a fun and sexy cha cha with more personality than many of the other contestants (Priscilla) and she earned everyone of the high marks she got for the dance. The question now is, can she rise up to meet the higher bar that will be set for her next week? We shall see. We shall see.

There’s no elimination this week, so all of the dancers will be back next week but then they’ll be facing a double elimination. My guess? Adam Corolla and Monica Seles will be going home.

What do you think?

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