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Ladies and gentlemen, Tristan Prettyman

Singer Tristan Prettyman is about to launch her first tour as the top act. SheKnows asked Tristan to chronicle her experiences on the road. Watch for them each week.

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Tristan begins with her thoughts after an extensive tour with G. Love and Special Sauce and talks to the emotions swirling before the spotlight shines solely on her.

Sharing the Love

I have toured with G. Love and the Special Sauce a handful of times, this last tour must have been the eighth or ninth tour! I was always such a huge fan of G. and remember driving back from San Francisco the day I got the call to go on tour with him my first time…I was ecstatic!

That first tour we immediately hit it off. Three nights later we had written our duet “Beautiful.” We would sit in the back of the bus and play it over and over. I’m pretty sure we annoyed everyone. It took us forever to record it, it was gonna be on my record and then G.’s record…we could never decide. Eventually we recorded it. And it was sounding pretty good – I ended up recording my vocal in the dressing room of an old theatre backstage before a show.

From then on, it’s been on. We have always had great chemistry, and “Beautiful” never fails to bring it out in full force, every time we play it.

I’ve always loved touring with G. Love and Co., they are one of my favorite live shows to go see. So much energy, so much fun and the audiences are always killer, dancing and singing and partying. It’s great.

Sauce as inspiration

I think touring with G. has really helped me become a better performer, its definitely toughened me up a bit, having to deal with rowdy frat guys yelling inappropriate things throughout the whole show…just kidding! It’s not always like that. But it’s nice to see a band just groove and vibe off each other. They’ve always inspired me to not be afraid of stepping outside the structure of the songs and letting them breathe a bit.

This last tour was great, short but sweet. We visited some towns I had never been to. Towns that I would’ve never guessed were hip little hubs for awesome stores and restaurants. Athens, Georgia, had an exceptionally insane selection of amazing vintage finds. I went a little nuts…but at least I will look stylish for the next tour…

Follow Tristan from the mountains to the seaOn her own

Speaking of the next tour – March 19th at The Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach, CA – it marks the start of my headlining tour. (SheKnows will be there covering Tristan’s show live.) I have headlined once before, but not with a full band. Now that I have my spicy gentlemen; Matt Delvecchio on Bass Guitar & Chris Lovejoy on the Drums, we are ready to get this party started!

Actually to be quite honest, I am a little nervous. I have been focusing so much time on the new songs off the new record. I fear I have forgotten how to play the older stuff. I’m sure it will come back to me, ill just have to find some time in between all this blogging and traveling to practice!

It always takes a minute to get into tour mode, but luckily the G. Love tour was a great place for us to get reacquainted with playing music, being on stage and in front of people. We had a nice little warm up fo’ sho’. Overall, I am pretty excited. I love having my own shows. I love being able to play the slower, more soulful tunes, those moments when the room is so quiet you could hear a pin drop. I also love the moments when we really bring the rock, haha…I crack myself up! But it’s nice to create a big warm groovy space to revel in. Those are the moments I live for. To be able to bring both those elements out during a show is why I absolutely love what I do.

I look forward to it, I also have the best fans in the world. I feel like this thing (music, my career, etc…) has evolved at such a nice steady pace, that I have been able to grow with my fans and my fans with me. They make me feel like I could play anything and they would still listen. I look forward to expanding my fan family 🙂

See you on the road, big smiles –


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