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Ear Candy Loves Me Dead

Ludo combines so many forms of pop music within “Love Me Dead” it so hard to keep track of them all. But all told, it is one delectable piece of musical candy.

Pumping in its power to paint a picture of love, however painful, the band out of St. Louis have created the song that you won’t get out of your head. Their upcoming album’s title, “You’re Awful, I Love You,” captures the spirit of their lead single and truly sets the tone for great expectations for this Midwest band.

With lyrics like ‘You’re a glutinous queen, narcissistic and mean,’ within the first verse, the listener knows this Ear Candy is going to be one tasty ride.

“Love Me Dead” possesses some of the most pointed lyrics to come through the Ear Candy bin in some time. Who’d thought I’d spend the weekend singing “Love Me Dead” over and over.

It is the catchiest choruses about painful romances in a decade:

She moves through moonbeams slowly.
She knows just how to hold me.
And when her edge is softened,
her body is my coffin.

I know she drains me slowly,
She wears me down to bones in bed,
Must be the sign on my head,
That says oh…’Love Me Dead!’

Be sure to visit SheKnows for our Qn’A with the band in the coming weeks.

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