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Survivor: Micronesia, preview and review

In a time when the Fans were fleeting fast, it was only appropriate to “Change” the game up a bit by splitting the teams. No more will it be Fans versus Favorites”¦now I have to remember the actual tribe names. The only people that seemed to be remotely happy with the switch were the Fans as their tribe was dissolving quickly.

Favorites still dominatingNow to last week’s show…

After voting out Mikey at the last Tribal Council, Jason wondered what his tribes chances would be in the game. He stated, “I have a bad feeling that we’re just going to keep losing and losing and losing,…I feel that the tribe I’m in is not the tribe I want to be in.”

The next morning at the Favorites camp, while the tribe mates prepared to eat one of their chickens, Ozzy snuck away to hide the Immunity Idol he found on Exile Island. Later he informed James, Amanda and Parvati that he had found it. Their core alliance chose to keep Cirie out of the loop. Feeling really good about his position, Ozzy felt extremely comfortable about letting his alliance know of his fortune.

As the tribes arrived at Challenge Beach, Jeff Probst informed them that the teams were going to be mixed up. Immediately James, Ozzy, Parvati and Amanda were disturbed. The Fans, on the other hand, were elated with the new twist in the game.

The new Malakal tribe now consisted of Ozzy, Amanda, Cirie, Ami, Joel, Erik, Tracy, and Chet. The new Airai tribe members are Jonathan, James, Parvati, Eliza, Alexis, Natalie, Jason, and Kathy. Well, at least the love birds are still together. Ozzy has his snuggle bunny Amanda and James has his play kitten Amanda. Unfortunately, James was not thrilled with the new twist. His disappointment was written all over his body. With the teams matched up evenly, it all balls down to numbers.

At the first challenge with their new tribes, team members were harnessed together in groups of two. Each round, a pair from one tribe would chase a pair from the other tribe through a muddy obstacle course, attempting to grab a flag off their back. Each time they grabbed the other team’s flag they scored a point for their tribe. To make the challenge interesting, the chasing pair had only 60 seconds to get the other tribe’s flag. If they failed to get the flag, the fleeing tribe scored the point. First tribe to three points would win a steak barbecue with wine and spices.

As the pairs chased, ran and escaped the other tribe many injuries occurred in the process. Parvati received a busted lip as she was slammed into a pole, Jonathan slashed his leg open, and poor Chet was dragged around by Joel like a rag doll. In the end, the new Airai tribe won the challenge. No one was sent to Exile Island.

While the Airai tribe enjoyed their win and their food, Ozzy showed the new Malakal tribe mates to their home. It’s a good thing that Ozzy came back to his old camp or else he would have lost his Immunity Idol. Later, in an interview, Joel was disappointed because he got rid of Mikey and kept Chet, but Chet was the one he drug in the challenge. Joel said, “Maybe this is poetic justice of some form because I chose to get rid of Mikey versus Chet…Now here I end up with Chet again on my tribe, who’s probably the weakest of both tribes.”

Learning a few lessons on fishing from Ozzy, Joel and Erik negotiated their tribe’s new pecking order. As Joel advocated to get rid of Cirie first with a promise to vote out Chet next, Ozzy contemplated the thought.

Arriving for their Immunity Challenge, the tribe mates had to throw rocks at planks and collect the puzzle pieces. They would hand the puzzle pieces off to the other team members who would put together the puzzle based the instructions from a caller on the tower. The caller for Malakal was Chet and for Airai was Eliza.

From the beginning, Malakal had a commanding lead. Each time someone from Airai would hit a tile, it wouldn’t fall completely down. As Chet called out the instructions for putting together the puzzle, Joel intervened by superseding Chets calls. Before they knew it, Airai was on their tail. Eliza, being very observant, not only figured out the pattern, but led her team from behind and on to victory.

Back at the Malakal camp, Ozzy and Joel had decided to get rid of Chet first then focus on the other weak links in the camp. Cirie chose to take matters into her hands once again by using her gift of gab to convince the others to vote out Joel. Not truly set on voting out Joel, Ozzy gave Cirie’s idea thorough consideration. Cirie knew that Chet and Tracy would be on board, but she needed at least two more tribe mates to make it happen.

In the end, Cirie once again was able to swing the vote her way sending a stunned Joel home. Yes, Karma is a huge factor in this game.


I’m really interested to see what will happen when Airai loses a challenge. Will they work at getting rid of strength, focus on eliminating the weaker tribe mates or remain divided Fans and Favorites. I predict that very soon both tribes will go to Tribal Council to vote off one from each tribe. With 20 people, that’s inevitable.

Until next week

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