Heather Mills about to take McCartney's money

Mar 14, 2008 at 12:51 p.m. ET

This will be an interesting weekend for Paul McCartney. The music legend will find out on Monday how much of his fortune he will have to pay his ex-wife Heather Mills.

Maybe now she can buy a new suitAfter the pair's hard-fought divorce proceedings sources close to the case of McCartney versus Mills are reporting that a resolution has been reached to the tune of 25 million pounds.

The judge in the case sent an announcement to both parties.

After marrying Mills in 2002, the couple who became poster children for worldly causes began to hit troubles by 2005 and split in May 2006.

When the official decision is read on Monday, watch out for the London courtroom to be a madhouse of press and onlookers whipped into a frenzy.

If the amount is correct, the 25 million pounds Mills is getting would be second in a divorce proceeding in Britain.

Mills' award is second only to the 48 million pounds entrepreneur John Charman was forced to shell out in 2007.