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Britney impresses her sitcom cast

Perhaps things are changing for Britney Spears. She has managed to stay out of trouble since her father Jamie took over the reins to her life.

Heading to workAfter SheKnows debuted her latest video (see it here), the word from the set of the CBS hit “How I Met Your Mother” is that Spears was “fantastic” to work with and the consummate professional.

This is a long way from the VMA train wreck America witnessed that had spent the night before her comeback partying until four in the morning.

Security at the set was tight Wednesday and hardly a photographer was seen once she made her way onto the lot.

It appears Britney Spears may have found a place where the cameras can’t find her: a Hollywood set.

For fans eager to see her succeed, the sight of her Anime-themed video jumping into heavy airplay on MTV and (hopefully) a well-received role in a hit sitcom, maybe – just maybe, the Spears spectacle could be slowing.

Call me cynical, but are pigs flying yet?

I didn’t think so.

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