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Hells Kitchen returns

It’s even hotter in season four of “Hell’s Kitchen”
Hell's a fire once again


When I first saw “Hell’s Kitchen,” I thought to myself, this won’t last the season! Now here it is season four and Gordon Ramsey is back to make trouble for a whole new crop of aspiring chefs. 

The “steaks” are higher than ever—the winner of the competition will earn the coveted position of “Executive Chef” at Ramsay’s new restaurant, “The London West Hollywood,” which is scheduled to open in summer 2008.

This year the competition is more intense than ever. With more contestants and more dinner services, Gordon’s sharp-tongue and flared-temper is sure to cause some major meltdowns in the kitchen. 


•    Ben, 29, an electrician and former chef from Charlotte, NC
•    Bobby, 37, an executive chef from Niagara Falls, NY
•    Christina, 25, a culinary student from St. Louis, MO
•    Corey, 25, a private chef from Brooklyn, NY
•    Craig, 30, a sous chef from Coram, NY
•    Dominic, 43, a stay-at-home dad from Catawba, SC
•    Jason, 29, a sous chef from Las Vegas, NV
•    Jen, 24, a line cook from Chicago, IL
•    Louross, 24, a hotel cook from Las Vegas, NV
•    Matt, 35, a sous chef from Pinehill, NJ
•    Petrozza, 47, a catering director from Charlotte, NC
•    Rosann, 33, a receptionist and former cook from Staten Island, NY
•    Sharon, 31, a room-service chef from Las Vegas, NV
•    Shayna, 28, a catering-company owner from Buffalo, NY
•    Vanessa, 31, a line cook from Bozeman, MT

Who do you think will make it to the finals and on to win the title of “Executive Chef?”  Based on only the bios above, I’m going with Jason, the sou chef from Vegas. Sounds like he already knows how to keep cool in a hot kitchen.

Gordon Ramsay returns to challenge new chefs on season four of “Hell’s Kitchen” premiering Tuesday, April 1 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.  

Photo: ©2008 Fox Broadcasting Co., Patrick Ecclesine/FOX

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