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Bee Movie buzzes onto DVD

People’s opinions may waver when it comes to how far to push the envelope to hype a product. But you have to admire perfection. The folks at DreamWorks are masters of publicity generating promotion.
The Bees come homeAfter sending Jerry Seinfeld off a building at the Cannes Film Festival, anything is on the table when it comes to the possibilities of putting people in bee suits to promote “Bee Movie.”
DreamWorks has provided SheKnows with a running of the bees through Manhattan video from earlier today (see below). The hit film arrives on DVD today in a snazzy two-disc “A Very Jerry” edition including deleted scenes and alternative endings.

The two-disc set has a beehive full of extras. Seinfeld and the other filmmakers add their commentary on insightful scenes across the film. The documentary “Inside the Hive: The Cast of Bee Movie” is a delightful addition adding another layer to an already rich film.

The second disc begins with the charming “We Got The Bee” music video, a fascinating “The Buzz about Bees” feature and what dazzling animated DVD would be complete without a video game? “Bee Movie” features the ‘Pollination Practice’ game that is honestly fun for nine to ninety. There’s more to this package and DreamWorks perfectly captures the additional features with their prideful boast: “a swarm of fun-filled extras!”

Also, a nice addition in the DVD extras is the video of Seinfeld’s legendary plunge in Cannes in a bee suit.



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