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Heath Ledger will omits Matilda

Heath Ledger’s father, Kim, has promised that his daughter Matilda will be financially secure.

Matilda will be cared forWhy is this even an issue?

Because the actor never changed his will to include his little girl or his ex, Michelle Williams since the document’s creation five years ago.

The news arose Monday as Ledger’s will was read. The three-page will was obtained by the press yesterday and shows that the Australian star left everything to his three sisters and his parents.

Two-year-old Matilda is not mentioned anywhere in the documents that set in motion the execution of Ledger’s will in Australia this week. The will was created in 2003 and was never updated.

Ledger’s financial worth has not been disclosed other than the $145,000 in personal items recovered from his New York apartment, $20,000 in that apartment, $100,000 in various banks and his eco-friendly Toyota Prius.

Editor’s note: The photo is of the sidewalk in front of the Brooklyn brownstone Heath Ledger shared with Michelle Williams and his daughter, Matilda. Heath carved her name and put her footprint on the Brooklyn walkway, forever creating a moment in time with his baby girl.

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