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The B-52s delicious return to the dance floor

Classic Ear Candy generators The B-52s have put themselves back together after an ion layover. The band returns with another CD worth of dance grooves.

Their “Funplex” is this week’s Ear Candy, hitting sonic succulence almost 30 years after they rocketed out of Athens, Georgia. When a band born out of the peacenik town of Athens takes the name of the bomber plane, it’s easy to tell that they’re just a bit out of the ordinary.

The B-52s made a name for themselves through their early hits “Rock Lobster” and “My Own Private Idaho” – both ’80s classics. But they are best known for their “Love Shack” that continues to rock weddings two decades after its release.

“Funplex” has the 52s returning to the fun-pop dance jam roots. Co-singers Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson’s harmony is as stellar as their angelic harmonies on “Love Shack.” Fred Schneider still brings the wackiest flair to lead singing in pop music.

“I’m at the mall on a diet pill,” Fred exclaims.

Nobody can deliver that lyric and get away with it as the bug eyed B-52s singer does with effortless panache.

The track begins with a guitar jam inviting the listener to expect Foo Fighters, but as the drums hit their double-back beat, it’s clear this is bodacious B-52s.

Ear Candy’s yearning for sonic pleasure is more than met with the triumphant re-launch of the original 80s party band.

Here’s the band performing “Funplex” at Spain’s Live Benicassim

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