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24 prequel movie set to air in fall

No rest for the wicked, Jack Bauer returns in the fall.

24 returns with a prequelAccording to Hollywood Reporter, “24” will return this fall with a two-hour prequel designed to bridge the sixth and seventh season.

Because of the serialized nature of the show, Fox made the decision to pull it all together this season when the writers’ strike caught the series with only eight episodes in the can. This meant there would be no “24” until January of 2009 which would have left a heck of a long gap between seasons. 

This stop-gap movie should go a long way toward keeping fans involved and interested as production continues on the new season.

Ironically, due to the show’s quirky “real time” premises, the series was never expected to go more than a single year — sort of an experiment in a different kind of storytelling. 

Now Jack Bauer is about to begin another harrowing day and well. . .don’t you feel sorry for the man?  Certainly, no other character in the history of TV has ever had to deal with so much in only six short days.

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