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Survivor: Micronesia Episode 4 review and preview

It appears that the Fans are beginning to dwindle as their enthusiasm and their pride is being tested and destroyed by the Favorites.

SheKnows Survivor champ breaks it downFrom the success of winning two crucial Immunity challenges and sending Yau-Man and Johnny Fairplay home to now getting beat down in the last few challenges and both challenges in last nights episode, the Fans must find some unified way to overcome their defeats and become a strong force because right now, they are showing their weakness. 


While Amy talked to Cirie about writing her name down at Tribal Council, Eliza and Jonathan listened in. Instantly, Jonathan chimed in on Cirie trying to understand why she jumped ship and went with the other alliance. Knowing that Jonathan would be after her soon, Cirie realized that life on camp may not be a bed of roses.

At the Fans camp, several tribe mates noticed that Chet was not pulling his weight around camp. Not only was he a little weak but he literally did nothing but wade in the water while everyone else worked. Mikey was determined to vote Chet out the next opportunity he had.

After realizing that Eliza was getting sick, Ozzy and James regretted going with Cirie’s choice to vote out Yau-Man. James stated, “Last nights Tribal Council was kind of rough because I’m all about keeping the strongest people; we keep one of the weaker girls Eliza and she’s sick…But because Cirie was so hell bent on getting Yau-Man out we kind of folded to her will…was a big mistake.”


I won’t bore you with the details of the challenges, I will just say that once again, the Favorites were victorious in the Reward Challenge and took home three egg laying hens and one rooster. They chose to send Kathy back to Exile Island for the third time along with Ozzy.

When I first saw that Ozzy was heading to Exile Island, I said to myself, “He’s going to find the Hidden Immunity Idol.” It didn’t take him long as Kathy hung around the camp and built the fire, Ozzy read each clue he found and eventually he found the Hidden Immunity Idol. An elated Ozzy couldn’t believe his fortune. Taking a trick from Yau-Man’s “Book of Survivor Tactics”, Ozzy created a fake Hidden Immunity Idol and hid it in the same place that he found the real idol. Making it back to their camp, he placed the real idol in his bag for safe keeping.


Back at the Favorites camp, Eliza took a moment to talk with Parvati about their alliance (consisting of Ozzy, Amanda and James) and their pecking order for voting people off. She basically was keeping her ear to the fire and throwing anyone else under the bus she could. While Eliza talked to Parvati about getting rid of Jonathan, Jonathan quickly passed them by easily hearing what they were talking about. Being a true player of the game, Jonathan appreciated the fact that Eliza was doing what she could to not be the next target, but Jonathan also knew he would have to come up with his own plan of action.

In the Immunity Challenge, once again, the Favorites placed another dagger in the heart of the Fans beating them and sending them to Tribal Council.

Trying to make amends with Joel, Mikey talked to him about their strategy for keeping their team strong. Joel and Mikey agreed to leave their differences behind and focus on winning challenges. Not wanting to give up without a fight, Tracy had another plan. Her, Chet and Kathy ganged up on Joel and convinced him that Mikey would eventually rule the camp if he wasn’t disposed of now. Joel, unsure of voting out Mikey wasn’t exactly sure what he would do. Should he betray one of the strongest men in the game after agreeing to bury their differences or should he get rid of the weaker Chet?

In the end, not only did Tracy, Joel, Chet and Kathy vote as a block, but they needed one other vote and Joel was able to convince Eric to vote with them as well sending Mikey home.

This was a big surprise to me. I really thought that Joel would get rid of Chet, but the witty words of Tracy tugged at the coattails of Joel and he folded. I hope that vote didn’t seal the fate of the Fans. Either way, I think one of the Favorites will win this season hands down. But they need to watch out for Tracy. She’s pretty good and if she remains with the right people, she could be a sleeper in this game.

Until next week…

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