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Musician Jill Sobule soliciting CD donations

Musical acts are continually struggling. Their effort for the sake of their art is legendary. After already having six CDs under her belt, singer Jill Sobule is seeking your help in producing a seventh.

Sobule is a veteran of two big-time record companies that dropped her and independent labels that ran out of money and went bankrupt. Audiences could hardly forget the singer’s most notorious song, “I Kissed a Girl” that made its way onto the Billboard charts.

The singer has a Web site and is asking fans who want to hear more creative ditties from her to contribute. So far, in one month, she’s raised $54,000.

What is so fantastic about this for artists everywhere is it is further proof that the internet is changing the music industry. From Napster to MySpace, music has never been the same. Sobule is just the latest to capitalize on the revolution and for a donation of $500 she will get your name into one of her songs.

Who said the entrepreneur spirit and musicians can’t co-exist?

Visit and help a girl out!

A visit down memory lane courtesy of Jill’s visit to MTV’s old “120 Minutes):



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