Heath Ledger’s doctors are off the hook

The US federal government had considered an investigation into the doctors that had been prescribing the medication that killed Heath Ledger.
Heath Ledger investigation Today, they determined there was nothing to investigate.
All of Heath Ledger’s doctors were cleared of playing any part in the death of the movie star.

The doctors in California and New York (that have never been named) will no longer feel the federal heat in a death that the public is still looking for answers. The DEA announced yesterday that both medical personnel involved knew nothing of the multiple medications the actor was taking.

Ledger was found to have Vicodin, Oxycontin, Valium, the over-the-counter sleeping pill doxylamine along with the prescription anti-anxiety medication, Xanax.

Now it appears any investigation is pretty much over. Without medical evidence there was any wrongdoing, Ledger’s accidental death will remain the ruling.

Story date: February 29, 2007

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