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Austin V-Day gets FNL star

FNL star celebrates V-Day!

“Friday Night Lights” co-star Liz Mikel has been keeping mighty busy while the show was on hiatus. When we talked last week, she told me all about a new series she’s working on for LOGO and a live production that is very close to her heart.

Liz’s new series is called “Sordid Lives” and it’s a satire about a dysfunctional Texas family and it’s based on the play and movie by Del Shores (Queer as Folk). The marvelous Leslie Jordan (Will & Grace) is on board as the institutionalized brother who is a bit too enthralled with Tammy Wynette.

“It hilarious, crazy, off-the-chain,” says Liz. “It’s starring Rue McClanahan who plays his mother and I play a lesbian landlord. It’s going to be on MTV’s LOGO channel, and it’ll come on in June.”

Did I mention that Liz also has a role in the new movie “Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins?” where she plays Michael Clarke Duncan’s wife (“How often can you say that,” she laughs.)

But that’s not all. Liz was also asked to lend her voice to V-Day!

“Eve Ensler has come together with a group of women that are giving their time for an international performance of the “Vagina Monologues.” It’s called “V to the Tenth” and so many women are going to be giving their time to it — Selma Hayek, Oprah Winfrey, Jane Fonda, Jennifer Hudson, Ashley Judd, the list goes on and on. I’m going to be a part of the military V-Day in Austin Texas in March. It’s a benefit to highlight women being abused in the military, and Eve Ensler herself will be at that event. And all of the money is going to go toward Katrina survivors, and women in the military, and shelters, that are helping women. So yeah, I’ll be there, it’s a very important event.”

You can find out more at the V-Day and events being held in your area by visiting the website at

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