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Guiding Light Takes Stock

Soap actors ring in a new day.

Guiding Light rings the bellIn celebration of the launch of its new daytime television production model, actors from “Guiding Light” rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange this morning, Wednesday, Feb. 27. John Driscoll (Henry Cooper Bradshaw), Gina Tognoni (Dinah Marler),  Nicole Forester (Cassie Layne Lewis) and Robert Bogue (A.C. Mallet) participated in the ringing.

Ringing a bell to open trading has been a tradition since 1903 (before that they used a gong) and it was a mundane task.  But these days 8 out of 10 bell ringers in a week are celebs says an article by “Fast Company.”

“Guiding Light” is also an American tradition, though it doesn’t go back quite that far.  Still, it’s been 50 years and for the first time they’re stepping out of the box with something totally new and different.

Take a look:

“Guiding LIght’s” new visual style, which premieres Friday, Feb. 29, on the CBS Television Network, is a break from a production model that has been utilized in daytime television for over 50 years.  With transformations throughout the entire show, these changes will bring a more current and realistic look to the series.  The show leaves behind eight sets and expands to 40 permanent sets. Previously, each set had two or three walls and the tops remained open, exposing hundreds of lights and wires. Now, the sets have four walls plus a ceiling, which allow for a more cinematic 360-degree filming perspective.

Direction and editing have also been changed. Hand held cameras move around with the actors, shooting them from all angles and editing now takes place almost simultaneously as filming –  all done within the confines of a small digital booth. “Guiding LIght” has also decided to break out of the current mold of filming location shoots only once or twice a year. The show has adopted the town of Peapack, N.J. to shoot all of its exterior scenes, some of which have already aired, adding to the realistic look of the show. These scenes will total approximately 20% of the production.

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