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Legal battle ensues over Britney’s rep

As Britney Spears’ father, Jamie, continues to serve as conservator over her affairs, a man claiming to represent her legally claims her civil rights are being violated.

Britney's future still in the darkJohn Eardley filed suit in federal court this morning alleging he is the only one who truly represents the singer and her best interests.

In a story that has taken more turns than straight-aheads, Eardley is asking the court to rule on Spears behalf that her father’s controlling of her estate, career and physical self is a blatant disregard for an individual’s civil rights. He is arguing that if a hospital did not see reason to keep her under watch, it should be true that the court should not be allowed to weigh in on her state of mind.

Jamie Spears’ attorney, in a game of legal back and forth, filed his own set of papers soon after Eardley presented his. Jamie is citing a probate judge’s order that Britney lacks the mental capacity to handle her own affairs, including hiring her own attorney.

Regardless of what occurs with this case, March 10 is when Britney’s dad is due back in court to determine whether to continue protecting her from the leeches of the world.

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