Sam Lufti must stay away from Britney

The man who used to run Britney Spears’ career had his restraining order extended yesterday for a Los Angeles judge.

Lufti, leave Britney alone!

Sam Lufti will still have to remain no closer than 250 feet away from Spears, at least until March 17. But the order seemed to leave the door open for the order to be extended repeatedly well into the future.

Lufti, according to Britney’s mom, Lynne, has been drugging, cutting off her phone and generally serving as a dictator in the troubled singer’s life. Since the restraining order was enacted, Lufti has been completely off the charts. Perhaps in hiding?

In other Britney news, the singer has not seen her children since January 3 and from the looks of it, that trend will continue. A judge is still keeping Brit away from her sons until she is more “fit” to handle motherhood responsibilities.

The traffic judge in Britney’s hit-and-run case must have shared that sentiment, her trial was postponed for her summer traffic violation until she can better “handle her affairs.”



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